Jose & Nichole Rodriguez, Owners & Photographers

Create A Moment Photography and Video located in Galveston, Texas. Our team really enjoys meeting people and are passionate about capturing special moments for weddings, portraits, and events.


Jose Rodriguez

Born in Jalisco Mexico, Jose grew up on a farm in Northern California being the only child. After graduating high school, he moved to Texas on a basketball scholarship and attended University of Texas at San Antonio on the pre-med track to become another physician in the family. However, after high expectations from his family and many late nights in the tutoring lab, it did not take him long to realize that his interest was to become a successful businessman.


One evening he met his wife in the tutoring lab, and she encouraged him to really chase after his dreams. With much disappointment from his family, he changed his major to Business Administration in Finance and started working in the financial industry. A young 20’s year old working for a lucrative renowned company having a stable lavish life while traveling around the world, he thought his life was set and all figured out. When he did not attend business meetings or discuss wealth management, he would enjoy photography, acrylic painting, drawing, playing ball, or cycling out in the greater outdoors and Hill Country.


Eventually he married his college love and decided to move closer to the Houston area for the second business office location near the Galleria.  It was a win-win situation for his bride because that meant closer to her hometown. 


After settling and long commutes of being in three different cities in one given day became overwhelming, stressful, and so demanding he no longer wanted to work for Corporate America. Photography was his outlet to decompress. What started as a hobby in 2010 turned into a lucrative side hustle. For a while after juggling two jobs, Covid 19 hit which forced him to work from home. At that point, that was the turning point which made him realize he had more time at home with his wife and newborn son that created flexibility and more freedom. He decided to quit his day jobs and turn his photography and video side hustle into a full-time business. 


Stepping away from behind the lens, Jose and his wife are extremely busy either traveling the world or attending their son’s activities such as swimming, private piano lessons, baseball, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 


Nichole Rodriguez


A native Texan and 4th generation Galvestonian, Nichole has been in the healthcare industry for over 10 years. She was a very well-liked bright and promising student at Ball High School Class of 2006. She then advanced her education with her first degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry with the hopes of attending Optometry school. While waiting for acceptance (Texas at that time only had 1 Optometry school) she worked for an Optometrist and Optical center part time and taught first grade in the public school system. As time continued,  with her “go-getter” mind set she applied to the accelerated nursing program and immediately gained acceptance. She quit her part time job and teaching career to thrive in nursing school. In her spare time, she would photograph community charity events and hospital events to see life in a different perspective.


As a mother, wife, photographer business owner, registered nurse and current proud UTMB Nurse practitioner Class 2023 graduate student, Nichole enjoys combining her artistic skills and science background. When not in a white coat, behind a surgical mask or camera lens, she loves to soak up the sun, read, travel, dance, interior design, fashion and mostly spend quality time with her dear family and close friends. Currently,she stays busy at clinic, operating room, and late-night studying, editing photos/videos, and of course being a busy mother and wife.


In the future, Nichole plans to take her nursing career and photography business to the next level and open her own boutique style Medical Spa and Aesthetic practice in the Galveston County area.


Who says you are limited to one thing in life? If you want it, do it! If you love what you are doing don’t let anyone hold you back. Do it! Yes, you can have it all. With a hectic lifestyle, someway or somehow, she does it. Be brave! Be consistent! Be YOU!! Empower! So, I encourage you to book your Boudoir photoshoot today in a premiere private location. Remember You are Beau-TEA ful!!! You got this!!





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